Sunday, June 27, 2010

Condition Survey at the Gordion Site Museum

Nearly all of the excavated materials from Gordion have remained in Turkey. Many of the most significant finds are now on display in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara, but the majority of the material remains in Yassihoyuk. The Gordion Museum displays many of the finds from tumulus mounds, the citadel mound, and the surrounding community. For the conservation staff at Gordion, the maintenance of the museum collections is a priority.

The new wing of the Gordion Museum. 

There is an annual condition survey of the objects on display within the museum. In this survey we noted any change in the condition of objects over the course of the year. We also noted issues with object mounts, cases, and the gallery environment. Information was also downloaded from dataloggers installed in several of the cases, which record fluctuations in temperature and humidity in the museum.   

Emily fills out the survey form, recording the condition of 
bronzes in the old wing of the Gordion museum.

The museum displays a wide range of material types, including ceramics, metals, ivory, glass, stone, and human remains. Common problems within the collection include salt efflorescence on the ceramics and corrosion of the metal objects. As time allows, we also revisit previous treatments, including failing adhesives and fills that can be improved.

Common problems in the collection include failure of adhesive from previous repairs (above), and corrosion of bronze objects (below). 

As a result of our survey, we have identified several objects in need of treatment. These include possible chloride corrosion on bronzes, failing adhesive joins on several iron objects, and ceramics with severe salt efflorescence. We will spend the remainder of our time here treating these objects, and will share the treatments as they progress.

Jessie removes an object from the display case, and places it into a 
makeshift tray for safe transit back to the lab.


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