Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're back: The 2011 Conservation Season Begins!

The Gordion Objects Conservation Program is gearing up for another season as the conservation team begins arriving this week. Our season began June 11 and will go through July 13. Conservators Angie Elliott and Jessie Johnson will switch off in the middle of the season and graduate student Lily Doan ('12) from the UCLA/Getty Program in Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation will be around the entire season. Angie has begun to set up the conservation lab at the Gordion Museum so we will soon have more to tell you about our season's projects. In the meantime...

Our first challenge has been the thickest vegetation that we've ever seen at the site. The paths through the fields are barely visible and our shoes, socks, and pants are being attacked by painfully prickly hitchhikers. We hope to flatten the paths as we go to the museum more often. Our temporary solution has been to wear flip flops because they have nothing to grab!

It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the museum from the dig house.
The path through the fields is barely visible.   

The culprit. 

The painful result. 

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